New Graduate Transition

The New Graduate Transition Program (NGTP) is for new graduates from a post-secondary program in nursing (Registered Nurse/Registered Psychiatric Nurse).

A "new graduate" is someone who graduates between March 31, 2017 and April 1, 2018. Learn about the New Grad Transition Stages.

About the Program

Island Health has been offering the New Graduate Transition Program since 2005.

This program:

  • provides new graduates with opportunities to enhance their clinical preparation and to consolidate theory with clinical skills
  • is open to new graduates from any post-secondary health-care program
  • the NGTP offers transition support and employment opportunities: 
    • transition support includes: mentorship, new graduate webinar, learning hub resources and clinical leadership support to create a positive working environment
    • employment opportunities include casual, temporary (full/part time), and permanent (full/part time).

New Grad Responsibilities

New grads participating in the program are required to: 

  • develop and follow a Learning Plan
  • access learning resources and complete New Graduate Transition Module found through the Learning Hub, Learning Management System. 
  • link in with an identified mentor
  • apply for relevant jobs that become available
  • consolidate practice
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