Pharmacy Practice Residency Program

In affiliation with the University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Island Health Pharmacy department is proud to offer a 52-week post-graduate residency program which offers experiential training specifically focused on the development and refinement of skills required for clinical pharmacy practice.

What is the Island Health Pharmacy Practice Residency Program?

The Pharmacy Practice Residency is a 52-week experiential learning program that provides a solid foundation for a career in clinical pharmacy. Through a variety of rotations in areas ranging across the spectrum of direct patient care, drug distribution and pharmacy administration, residents develop and refine skills pertaining to clinical pharmacy and are challenged to pursue excellence in their practice, both in the Residency Program and beyond. Upon completion of the Residency Program, our graduates are competent clinical pharmacy practitioners, qualified for practice in a diversity of clinical settings.

As a reflection of our program’s commitment to excellence, it has been accredited by the Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Residency Board (CHPRB). Our preceptors are respected experts in their field and have been recognized both within and outside the health authority. We have been training Pharmacy Practice Residents since 2005 and currently accept three residents per year into our program.

How do I apply to the Residency Program?

Please visit the UBC Pharmacy Practice Residency Page for details on how to apply.

For more information, visit the Program website.


Mr. David Forbes - Program Director (Acting)
250-755-7691 ext. 52302

Dr. Reginald Smith - Program Coordinator