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Four municipalities are located at the northern tip of Vancouver Island - Alert Bay, Port Alice, Port Hardy and Port McNeill. These small, but community focused settlements in the district offer quiet living among some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. These pristine and rugged landscapes with rich cultural, wildlife and recreational experiences are waiting to be discovered. Educational services, up to college level, and a complete spectrum of health services makes this region a desirable place to live and work, for individuals and families. 

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Why Live and Work in North Vancouver Island?

Work Environment

Aside from the benefit of working within a broad inter-professional team, Nurses are able to work in exciting practices, treating patients throughout the continuum of care. 

The Facilities 

Cormorant Island Community Health Center (CICHC)

Cormorant Island Community Health Center (CICHC) has four inpatient beds, an Emergency Department with one stretcher and a trauma room to service approximately 1200 island residents.

Port McNeill Hospital (PMH)

Located 195 kilometers north of Campbell River, Port McNeill Hospital (PMH) has 10 inpatient beds, an Emergency Department with four stretchers and a trauma room to service approximately 3000 Vancouver Island citizens. It is the low risk obstetrics site on the North Island and has a Regional Observation room for patient certified under the MHA.

Port Hardy Hospital (PHH)

Port Hardy Hospital (PHH) has 12 inpatient beds, an Emergency Department with 4 stretchers and a trauma room to service approximately 3500 Vancouver Island citizens.

Financial Incentives

Retention Incentive 

A temporary retention incentive provides all employees working in North Vancouver Island (in regular status positions) up to $2,000 per quarter, pro-rated based on their productive hours worked, with a maximum incentive payable to $8,000 annually.

Temporary Travel Incentives

If you are asked to be redeployed to a North Vancouver Island worksite that requires you to travel 40 kilometers or greater from your primary worksite you are eligible for the following incentives:

  • 1.5x premium pay for the duration of the shift if it would otherwise be paid at straight time
  • Mileage and meals as per Island Health’s Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Policy  
    Note: For the purposes of this incentive, 40km is allowed as opposed to 50km as stated in the policy
  • Accommodations and other travel expenses may also be paid by Island Health, where applicable

North Vancouver Island Stabilization Initiative
If a current Island Health employee refers a successful candidate to a difficult to fill vacancy in an eligible worksite, the employee will receive: 

  • $1,500 for a regular full-time or part-time position
  • $500 for a temporary or term full time or part time position 
  • $250 for a casual position (minimum number of hours worked required)

Learn more about the North Vancouver Island Stabilization incentives and eligibility.

Some links in the North Vancouver Island incentives and eligibility document are only accessible to Island Health employees. 


Enjoy ample outdoor activities year round within these beautiful coastal landscapes. Hike, bike or horseback ride along thousands of kilometres of trails. Fish, swim or paddle along pristine waterways. Sports like skiing or snowmobiling are popular ways take in the pristine beauty of winter. No matter what activities you decide to do, you’ll find yourself immersed in culturally rich communities that are all their own.


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Rural Emergency Nursing - Port McNeill Hospital Specialty Education Opportunity

Train to specialize in rural emergency nursing at Port McNeill Hospital (PMH). Island Health is excited to offer a program for nurses interested in specializing in emergency. The goal is to ensure you gain the necessary skill and experience for a smooth transition from your current area of practice to a specialized emergency nurse. 

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