How to Apply

Finding Jobs

Use Quick Job Search, View All Jobs or Advanced Job Search to view available public jobs without logging in.

Or you can login and then search or view jobs.


  • avoid acronyms (e.g. Licensed Practical Nurse instead of LPN)
  • if you select too many options, you may accidentally filter out positions you might be interested in
  • select multiple options in 'Location' or 'Site Categories' by holding down the Control (Ctrl) key on a PC or the Command key on a Mac computer
  • set up a Job Search Agent to automatically receive notices of new jobs you may be interested in

Quick Tips within VI-Hire

Create a new Account/Career Centre Profile

You can view current jobs without creating an account. To apply on any position of interest, you will need to set up an account/profile in VI-Hire.

The VI-Hire system profile acts as your application. A profile contains all the information you would normally provide in a job application such as demographic information, work history, educational qualifications, cover letter, resume etc.

Accessing Your Profile

To access your profile, Login using your email address.

How to make changes to your profile

  • login to VI-Hire
  • go to My Profile
  • click on the Edit Profile button on the top right hand side of the page
  • save your changes/edits

When Do Managers View Profiles (Applications)

Each time you apply on a position, the hiring manager will review your profile (application). This is the only time your profile is reviewed.


Forgot your Password

On the VI-Hire Career Centre page, below the email address and password fields, you'll see: "All USERS: Click on Forgot your password? to reset your password for any reason." 

Enter your email address and click on the Send button. A new temporary password will be emailed to you within a few minutes. Check your spam/junk folder if you don't see it right away.

Type in the temporary password to login to your account. You will be prompted to change your password. Type in the temporary password into the "old/temporary password" field and then you can create a new one. Passwords should be at least eight characters long with one capital letter, one lower case letter and one number.

Change Password

For security reasons, the system requires that you change your password every 42 days.

Job Search Agents 

A Job Search Agent is a an email alert that notifies you when a new job is posted in VI-Hire. Set up a Job Search Agent to be notified when specific opportunities that match your specified criteria become available. You will receive your email alert within 24 hours of the new posting going on the website, inviting you to review and apply if interested. 

  • you must be logged into your account to create a Job Search Agent
  • keep your Job Search Agents very general or you may filter out postings that you are interested in
  • watch this video on How to Set Up a Job Search Agent

Apply for Jobs

When you find a position of interest where your qualifications meet the education, work experience and skill requirements, you can apply for the job. Note the posting number and closing date and return to your profile to apply for the position. Update your resume/cover letter for the specific position before clicking on the "submit your resume to this job" button, located at the bottom of the page, to submit your profile (application) for that job.  

If you want to apply to more than one job, you need to Submit Your Resume to this Job for each one.

You cannot make changes to your profile after you have submitted your resume. Do not remove yourself from consideration to update your profile as you cannot reapply for any position once you have removed yourself from consideration.

Keep Track of Your Job Applications

You will receive an email notification confirming your application was submission for each position you apply for. The profile submission history in your Career Centre keeps track of all the jobs you have applied to.  

Resumes and Attachments

You are encouraged to include attachments in your profile to help support your job applications. Attachments should be general in nature, such as professional certificate copies because if you apply for multiple positions all the hiring managers can view any attachments you have added. 

Typing Speeds & Medical Terminology 

If you apply on a position that requires a typing speed or medical terminology, you must provide proof of your typing speed and/or completion of the Island Health medical terminology test. See: Typing & Medical Terminology Requirements

Acceptable Types of Attachments

Attachments must in Microsoft Word or PDF format. The system cannot open Word Perfect documents.

Add Resume to your Profile

Copy and paste or type your resume into the Resume Box in your profile. When you copy and paste, the system will remove any formatting. You do not need to correct the formatting.

How Many Attachments

You can add as many attachments to a profile as you like as long as the file size of each item doesn’t exceed 2 MBs.

Edit or Change Attachments

Attachments cannot be edited. You must delete the original attachment and attach a new edited version.

Submit Attachments as Part of an Application

Any document in the My Attachments section of the Careers Centre is viewable by the hiring managers for any positions you have applied for. If you want to provide a resume and/or cover letter for a particular position, this is done in the Resume Box in your profile.

Changes after Applying for a Position

If you make changes to the Resume Box in your profile after applying for a position, they will not be visible to the hiring manager. When you apply, the system creates a snap-shot of the information in your profile. This allows applicants to have a specific cover letter and/or resume for each position they apply for. 

If you wish to update your information for positions you have previously applied for, you can use the My Attachments section in the Career Centre as it is a live environment and can be viewed by any of the managers reviewing your profile. 

Do not remove yourself from consideration to update your profile as you cannot reapply for any position once you have removed yourself from consideration.

What Happens Next

Selection Process

After the closing date, hiring managers review all the applications and shortlist candidates based on knowledge, skills, education and work experience as it relates to the qualifications described in the posting.

Each posting can receive a large number of applications so hiring managers will generally shortlist to 3-5 candidates who best meet or exceed the minimum qualifications of the position. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and interviews arranged with the hiring manager. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those shortlisted will be contacted.


The interview format can vary between hiring managers and departments and may be done by a single manager or by a panel. Interviews are generally done face-to-face but if an applicant is from out of area a phone or video interview can be arranged. Question types may include behavioural, scenario and technical. 

Background Screening/References

Depending on the position being hired to there may be different screening required either before or after hire. Examples include typing speed, medical terminology, proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and/or a criminal record check. We require two positive employment references before a job offer is made.

Offer of Employment

It may take several weeks for a final decision to be made following an interview. If you are the preferred candidate for a position you will generally be given a verbal job offer. If accepted an official letter of employment will be issued and will contain additional information regarding the new employee sign up process, orientation, health screening etc. Unsuccessful candidates that were interviewed are generally notified by phone within 1-2 weeks after the interview.

We thank everyone for applying to Island Health and we wish you the best of luck in your job search.