South Island Integrated Breast Cancer - Centralized Referral

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The South Island Integrated Breast Cancer Program’s Centralized Referral and First Available Surgeon Initiative

As part of the Integrated Breast Cancer Program, South Island breast cancer general surgeons have committed to a centralized intake, pooled referral process where all referrals come into a central intake centre and where patients have the opportunity to be connected to the first available surgeon.

What is the benefit of the program? 

A centralized pooled referral process and first available surgeon option will reduce wait times and improve timely access to quality care. 

For Patients

Choosing a Surgeon

You have options for which surgeon will do your surgery. Review these options and make the decision with your primary care provider before you are referred for breast cancer surgery.

The option you choose may affect your wait time before surgery.

Your options are:

  • The first available surgeon from the South Island General Surgeon group. This option will often result in shorter wait times.
  • A specific surgeon who you want to do the surgery, from the list below. Please note that the wait time may vary if you choose this option.

The surgeons who may perform your surgery are:

Dr. Bradley Amson   Dr. Darren Biberdorf
Dr. Johann Cunningham Dr. Heather Emmerton- Coughlin
Dr. Allen Hayashi Dr. Mohammadali Sohrab Khorasani
Dr. Elaine Lam Dr. Alison Ross
Dr. Bao Tang  


Share your Experience

  • The South Island Integrated Breast Cancer Program team is committed to providing timely access to quality healthcare and to improving our patients’ experience.  If you are one of our patients, we would greatly value feedback on your care. If you are seeing one of the surgeons listed above for breast cancer surgery, please ask your surgeon for a Patient Experience Survey. Thank you in advance for helping us improve care.

For Providers

Primary care providers are to use the South Island Integrated Breast Cancer Program Referral Form for any referrals to the participating South Island physician group.

Referrals are to be submitted to a centralized intake for the South Island Breast Cancer Surgeon group. Breast cancer referrals will no longer be accepted at participating surgeons’ offices.


Inclusion criteria: Primary breast invasive or in-situ carcinoma, biopsy proven 

  • Invasive mammary carcinoma (ductal, lobular or other subtype) 
  • In situ breast carcinoma (DCIS, LCIS) 
  • Other breast malignancy (e.g. phyllodes tumor) 

Patients must be aware of the diagnosis and referral to the South Island Integrated Breast Cancer Program (SIIBCP).


  • Ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy results required
  • Include other existing imaging if available (E.g MRI)

EMR e-Referral Forms:

To support efficiency of Referrals the SIIBCP Referral Form is available as an e-form for Oscar, Med Access, Wolf, and Input Health users.  Profile Intrahealth is in progress and will be available through PSP when ready.

Oscar: Available on Oscar Canada or Pathways under “EMR Forms”: South Island Integrated Breast Cancer Program Centralized Referral eForm

Med Access & Wolf: Contact your local PSP Coordinator to obtain the file and for support for uploading it, if required. If you don’t know who your Coordinator is, email and ask to be connected. 

Input Health: Call Input Health and request they add the “SI Breast Referral Form” to your EMR, created by Arbutus Family Medical with permission to share

General Information on South Island Integrated Breast Cancer - Centralized Referral

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