Celebration of Excellence

The Celebration of Excellence (CoE) is a formal organizational recognition program where Island Health peers can nominate individuals and teams who excel.

Who can nominate and be nominated?

  • Any employee or physician working within Island Health.
  • Any Island Health volunteer.
  • Any auxiliary member working at an Island Health facility.
  • Any person working at a hospital foundation associated with Island Health.

When to nominate:

Nominations for the Celebrations of Excellence program are accepted throughout the year with nominations being reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Timeline for Celebration of Excellence Program ​ ​ ​ ​

  Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Deadline for nominations March
September 30 December 31
Nomination Review (by the Celebration of Excellence committee) April July October January
Awards approved and announced end of April end of July end of October end of January

How to nominate someone for the Celebration of Excellence Program:

Choose one category that best applies to your nominee, individual or team.

Provide the nominee's information (full name, job title, email address, department, site and manager/supervisor's full name, and director's name)

Provide the second nominator's information (full name, email, department and site.) Each nomination must be supported by two (2) nominators. 

Write a description of the reasons for the nomination, including:

  • How the nominee's actions support the nomination category you have selected (provide specific examples)
  • A description of the benefits and/or results of those actions
  • How the nominee(s) go above and beyond to demonstrate excellence

Please make sure you have all the information noted above to help you fill out the nomination form.

Questions about the Celebration of Excellence Program?

Contact Recognition & Retention
Phone: 250-519-6950
Email: celebration@islandhealth.ca