Program Details

What is the Island Health Pharmacy Practice Residency Program?

The Pharmacy Practice Residency is a 52-week experiential learning program that provides a solid foundation for a career in clinical pharmacy. Training is facilitated by our team of preceptors who are respected experts in their field and have been recognized both within and outside the health authority. Through a variety of rotations in areas ranging across the spectrum of direct patient care, drug distribution, and pharmacy administration, Residents develop and refine skills pertaining to clinical pharmacy practice and are challenged to pursue excellence in their practice, both in the Residency Program and beyond. Upon completion of the Residency Program, our graduates are competent clinical pharmacy practitioners, qualified for practice in a diversity of clinical settings. 

The Island Health Pharmacy Practice Residency Program received full accreditation by the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board (CPRB) in October 2015, and is affiliated with the University of British Columbia. Island Health is also accredited by Accreditation Canada. Residency rotations are largely based at the Royal Jubilee and Victoria General Hospitals, both teaching institutions located in Victoria, BC. Being the largest hospitals on Vancouver Island, these serve both the Greater Victoria area as well as the rest of the health authority in a referral capacity. All major medical services other than transplantation are provided.

Program quick facts:

  • Established in 1973
  • 3 residency positions annually
  • On-line application process is coordinated with the other BC pharmacy residency programs and opens mid-August and closes at the beginning of October.
  • Program is 52 weeks long, beginning in mid-June
  • Estimated stipend $50,000/year plus benefits, including medical and dental
  • Vacation/holiday leave 2 weeks paid

What is the Goal of this Program? 

The Island Health Pharmacy Practice Residency Program is designed to provide the resident with a broad experience in hospital pharmacy practice and to promote the development of acumen and confidence in the provision of pharmaceutical care. The emphasis of the program is to prepare residents for independent clinical practice in the institutional setting.

What are the Minimum Required Credentials? 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, eligibility for licensure in BC at program start.