Volunteer Resources

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Island Health. Volunteering in health care is a privilege and a serious commitment. 

Approximately 6,500 volunteers help Island Health achieve its vision of Excellent health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time. Becoming a volunteer with Island Health means both giving of yourself and learning from others. It is a valued gift and privilege.

We deeply value the contribution of our volunteers. Read more about the ways we show our appreciation and recognize their role in providing excellent health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Interested in a unique volunteer opportunity? P.A.R.T.Y. Program volunteers are needed! Be a part of the growing community effort to reduce death and injury in youth.

Learn more.

What are the requirements to volunteer?

  • Commit to at least 60 hours or six months of volunteering 
  • Know that our Intake process takes four to eight weeks
  • Attend an interview
  • Complete eight hours of online training
  • Attend a two hour New Team Member C.A.R.E. Orientation
  • Complete several hours of additional site and assignment training
  • Request a Criminal Record Check through our online link to the Ministry of Justice
  • Varied availability (application form asks what days/times you are available)
  • Spoken English (ESL Level 6 preferred)
  • Parent or guardian’s consent if under 19 years of age
  • Understand that our Hand Hygiene policy means no nail polish, long nails, artificial nails, extensions, nail jewelry, or hand/wrist jewelry permitted (plain wedding band exempt)
  • Compliance with the BC Influenza policy-vaccinate or wear a mask during flu season (December to March).

These requirements support excellent care and provide you with a good foundation for volunteering in health care. We appreciate you taking the time to consider if this is the right choice and time for you. 

How to apply to volunteer

Step 1

View the location where you are interested in the volunteer opportunities.

Step 2

The next steps depend on the site, however you can expect to potentially attend an information session about volunteer opportunities, or, you may be asked to first complete a form where you agree to the Volunteer Resources requirements.

Step 3

Review the Island Health Policies for Volunteers.

Step 4

Following that, you may be invited to complete an application form (some are posted on the volunteer opportunities site pages), which asks for information about your education, volunteer and/or work experience, personal skills, hobbies, availability and any medical conditions that might be pertinent. The application also requires your confirmation that the Policies for Volunteers have been read.

Step 5

If your application and agreement to Island Health Volunteer Resources requirements are received, and deemed to be a potential fit for our current priority volunteer programs, you may be contacted for an interview.

Receiving an Interview Offer

If you are successful in receiving an interview offer, you can expect to be:

  • Interviewed 
  • Asked for two reference checks 
  • Requested to have a TB test (if deemed required due to foreign travel of applicant) 
  • Required to have a Criminal Record Check.
  • Asked to sign a 'confidentiality acknowledgment form' and 'statement of understanding.' 

Offer of Acceptance

Once this process is completed, and if you have been accepted as a volunteer, you will be:

  • Given a level of training, guidance, and supervision that will help you perform your volunteer duties, including but not limited to attending an in-person New Volunteer Orientation, 8 hours of online training, and assignment specific training.
  • Registered with the department of Volunteer Resources for the site where you have been approved for placement. 
  • Given a written Volunteer Assignment Guide or Role Description. 
  • Issued an Island Health volunteer photo identification badge. 
  • Offered appropriate continuing education and training related to your volunteer duties. 
  • Given the opportunity to take on more responsibility and/or change volunteer placements where appropriate. 
  • Provided a letter of reference or recognition of hours after having completed all required criteria.  
  • Informed of any changes in conditions surrounding your placement. 
  • Asked for and given feedback on your assignment. 
  • Heard and recognized as part of the team. 
  • Treated with respect. 
  • Placed in a safe environment. 
  • Recognized for your contribution.

Common Questions Answered

  • Adult volunteers are a minimum age of 18 or 19 years. Youth must be attending grades 8-12
  • Most volunteer opportunities require a minimum of 1 shift per week. Most shifts are between 2 and 4 hours.
  • Volunteers could potentially take on more than one volunteer position, depending on availability and the vacancies.
  • For most sites, registered volunteers will be issued a Volunteer Parking Pass. This can only be used at the site when one is volunteering.
  • References are given to active, registered volunteers, upon written request. A minimum of 60 hours or 6 months of volunteer time must be completed to receive a reference.
  • Uniforms are required depending on the assignment and the site.
  • There is flexibility in changing volunteer placement, depending on availability in other areas. 

Orientation and Training for Volunteers

Once you have been accepted as a volunteer, you will:

  • Be invited to create an account on the Learning Management System (LMS), where you will be able to access online training modules.
  • Be invited to view the videos on our Vimeo portfolio as part of orientation.
  • Be given a written Volunteer Assignment Guide or Role Description.
  • Receive a level of training, guidance, and supervision that will help you perform your volunteer duties.
  • Be offered appropriate continuing education and training related to your volunteer duties.

General Inquiries

If you have more questions or wish to apply, please contact us using the info below.

Tiffany Burgess

Administrative Assistant, Volunteer Resources and Auxiliaries

Email Tiffany.Burgess@viha.ca
Phone 250-740-6971

Christine (Chris) Foster

Director, Volunteer Resources and Auxiliaries

Email Christine.Foster@viha.ca
Phone 250-740-6984