Volunteer Resources & Engagement

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. 

The Volunteer Resources and Engagement Department is currently focused on placing volunteers in COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics. At the clinics volunteers will improve the public experience by providing a warm welcome and assistance in navigation.

Through engagement of volunteers active within the health authority during and prior to the pandemic, along with local community partner groups, our communities currently have a full complement of volunteers in the application phase. 
If you are seeking an opportunity to support the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics as a volunteer we truly appreciate your interest. Please check back; we will update this page with future expansion of recruitment as needs arise.

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Volunteering with Island Health’s programs not related to Vaccination clinics

We are not actively recruiting volunteers for roles outside of the COVID-19 vaccination clinics at this time . 
Due to the pandemic, most volunteer programs remain on hold. We have restarted a limited number of programs and Island Health volunteers previously active within our department stepped back into roles as they came available.