Volunteer Resources & Engagement

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Island Health. We are privileged to have volunteers contributing their time and energy in over 50 different facilities across Vancouver Island. 

Please note:
We are not actively recruiting new volunteers. 

After a long pause due to COVID-19 we are excited to be re-starting a limited number of volunteer programs. Island Health volunteers previously active with our department are stepping back into roles as they come available.

Programs that remain on hold include:

  • Programs which conflict with the Essential Visitor Policy
  • Programs in high risk areas (i.e.: Emergency Departments or Long-Term Care)
  • Programs unable to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions (i.e.: social distancing)

When we consider re-opening our recruitment process we will update this website. 

Should you wish to inquire further please see our Volunteer Opportunities page for contact information.

Approximately 4,000 volunteers help Island Health achieve its vision of excellent health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time. Becoming a volunteer with Island Health means both giving of yourself and learning from others. It is a valued gift and privilege. 

What are the requirements to volunteer?

Please see the document Requirements Screening for a detailed list of requirements to volunteer at Island Health. These requirements support excellent care and provide you with a good foundation for volunteering in health care. We appreciate you taking the time to consider if this is the right choice and time for you. Island Health Acute Care volunteers must also comply with the Volunteer Resources Uniform Guidelines as of January 1, 2019

How to apply to volunteer

See Volunteer opportunities to view the location where you are interested in volunteering and complete the required steps indicated for each location.

NOTE: All volunteers must review the Island Health Policies for Volunteers. The application also requires your confirmation that the policies for volunteers have been read.

FAQs Answered

See our answers for the most common asked questions regarding volunteering at Island Health.