Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (IORP) - Adult Rehabilitation

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The Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (IORP) offers clinics in Victoria and Nanaimo for patients with moderate levels of impairment following a stroke and for patients with limb amputation.

Both clinics offer:

  • coordinated care planning by an interdisciplinary team
  • weekly progress/discharge reviews
  • education and learning opportunities
  • access to intensive treatment for 6-8 weeks on an ambulatory basis (Monday to Friday)

Patients who participate in the program will experience:

  • increased access to rehabilitation services in their community
  • reduced length of stay on inpatient rehabilitation units after stroke or amputation
  • access to frequent, intensive, interprofessional outpatient therapy as required to achieve desired outcomes
  • reduced risk of readmission

Inclusion criteria for the client:

  • referred by a physician and has a GP in the community
  • will benefit from attendance at the program at least 2 to 5 days per week
  • must be medically stable and/or have predictable medical/nursing needs that can be managed in the community
  • must have available transportation to the clinic
  • has function goals identified by the inpatient team that remain unmet
  • is safe to return to his/her home environment with appropriate supports in place
  • should be able to tolerate one (1) hour of therapy time plus travel
  • is able to demonstrate the ability for new learning or has a supportive caregiver who will accompany the client and be actively involved in the rehabilitation program

General Information on Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (IORP) - Adult Rehabilitation

Referral Required?
How to get a Referral

The IORP team screens patients for admission and works with the inpatient care team in transitioning the client to ambulatory care.

    Victoria referrals:


    (Patients with limb amputation only)

    To refer inpatients, use the VIHA Outpatient Rehab Referral Form (Intranet access required). In the Referral Details section, please select the RJH site and the Orthopaedic program.

    All other referrals call 250-519-1739.

    Nanaimo referrals:


    (Patients with limb amputation or moderate levels of impairment following a stroke)

    Electronic referrals are available.

    All other referrals call 250-755-7691 (local 52385)
    Fax: 250-755-7684 

    Preparing for Your Visit
    Contact Us

    For more about the clinics and the IORP, contact us:




    250-755-7691 (local 52385)

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