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Island Health delivers many types of health care services for residents, clients and patients. You can view the content on this pages as a grid view with images (shown as the default) or a text-based list view.

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Our Services

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With a significant portion of the population over the age of 65, Island Health takes pride in caring for elders.
Learn about the services available to help you manage your health, and prevent hospital visits. 
Specialized services for blood testing on Vancouver Island.
Understand the types of surgery available across Vancouver Island and the procedures and preparations involved.
Island Health is working toward regulating and maintaining healthy, smoke-free environments.
Whether it’s a video call or accessing home health monitoring, Island Health continues to expand remote health services and virtual care.
In-person and online health education and community resources to support the aging journey.
Island Health provides a network of counselling, prevention, residential care and treatment services across Vancouver Island for youth (ages 13-19) and their families.