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Health & Wellness


Learn more about various medications, what they do, and how they will help you.

Aboriginal Health

With gratitude and humility, we work with Aboriginal communities to listen to and honour cultural beliefs, to identify barriers, and to improve health outcomes as partners in care.

Flu Season Information

Seasonal influenza, is a serious, infectious and contagious respiratory illness.

Island Health is alerting people in Greater Victoria that there is fruiting of a mushroom that can cause serious poisoning.  Amanita phalloides or “Death Cap” mushroom can cause severe illness and may be lethal if ingested by people and especially children. It is also dangerous to pets. 

Do you really have time for the flu? Get immunized. Get protected.

It’s time to invest in yourself – your health, your family and your community – with a flu shot.
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New Ladysmith Medical Daycare offers multitude of benefits

In addition to building capacity in the Ladysmith urgent care department, the dedicated medical daycare room is ensuring that Ladysmith patients can receive the care they need, close to home.
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South Island and Gulf Islands Home Support Transition

On November 1, 2019, home support services that were previously delivered by Beacon Community Services transitioned to Island Health.
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