Policies for Volunteers

Below you will find the Island Health policies for Acceptable Use of Assets and Resources (, Respectful Workplace (5.5.2), and Confidential Information (1.5.1). You will also find the Volunteer Resources Code of Conduct.

All Island Health volunteer applicants must read and agree to the below General Policies and Code of Conduct prior to submitting an application.

General Policies and Code of Conduct

Island Health Volunteer Resources Standards of Conduct
Confidential Information Policy
Respectful Workplace Policy
Acceptable Use of Assets and Resources Policy
Animal Visitation Policy
Animal Visitation Guidelines

The Island Health Board of Directors has endorsed the Values and Guiding Principles of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement.

Volunteer Policies

Please find below other Island Health policies relating to Volunteer Resources.

5.11.1P Volunteer Management Policy Development
5.11.2P Initial Screening and Registration of Volunteers

5.11.3P Volunteer Staff - Relations

5.11.4P Volunteer Orientation Program

5.11.5P Volunteer Training - Assignment Specific
5.11.6P Volunteer Training - Continuing Education
5.11.7P Evaluation of Volunteer Resources and Performance Reviews for Volunteers
5.11.8P Volunteer Assignments with Client Interaction
5.11.8PR Volunteer Assignments with Client Interaction Procedure
5.11.9P Scope of Volunteer Involvement
5.11.14P Collaboration with other Organizations Providing Volunteers within VIHA
5.11.14PR Collaboration with other organizations providing volunteers within VIHA Procedure
5.11.16 Volunteer Recognition and Support
Respectful Workplace Procedures for Volunteers