Island Health's virtual care: leaders in Home Health Monitoring

For so long we have been telling people to come to our physical locations for care, but it's time for us to be in people's homes and go beyond basic home care. Island Health is a leader in a client-focused approach to Home Health Monitoring.

More than 1400 people have participated in Island Health’s Home Health Monitoring program. Whether it's diabetes, COPD, heart failure or the resulting chronic pain, anxiety or depression people are dealing with, we can build a monitoring plan around their needs and help them understand and live with their condition.

Our clients feel very supported in this program. They know someone is checking on them, they have someone to reach out to if they need to and all information is sent to their family doctor and nurse practitioner, so any gap between the client and their care team is bridged.

The statistics below show the effect Home Health Monitoring is having.

  • 65% reduction in Emergency Room visits
  • 78% reduction in hospital admissions
  • 84% reduction in length-of-stay
  • 90% of participants were highly satisfied or moderately satisfied with the quality of coaching by nurses.
  • 86% of participants strongly agree or moderately agree this program has improved their quality of life.
  • 87% of participants strongly agree or moderately agree they are more informed about their chronic condition.

The next step is to embed virtual care so it is no longer considered virtual, but simply how we are delivering care. People do better when they are supported in their home.

For more information on Community Virtual Care, visit our Community Virtual Care webpage