Island Health nurse honoured with Good Samaritan Award

Brandi Harper is not a trauma nurse, but that didn’t stop her from leading trauma care for a critically injured man who fell from a cliff alongside the Cowichan River in June. 

Brandi Harper receiving award

BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) held a ceremony today to honour Brandi with a BCEHS Good Samaritan award, bringing together bystanders who helped Brandi that day, as well as the patient, Jeff Hunter, and some of the paramedics and dispatchers. 

Jason Twells from BCEHS told Brandi she voluntarily placed herself in a situation that even the most seasoned emergency responders would consider extremely stressful. "You calmly provided invaluable medical direction without any resources or support before our team could get successfully led a team of strangers with no medical training through a highly challenging and stressful life and death are an exemplary good Samaritan and an inspiration to us all."

Congratulations Brandi!

Read more about the life and limb saving care she provided to a total stranger in the latest version of Currents, Island Health's staff magazine. 

group of individuals involved in rescue
Brandi stands beside Jeff Hunter (patient) and other local heroes who helped at the scene.