Island Health Statement on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

Patients and their families have many decisions to make when faced with end-of-life care or intolerable suffering. It’s important for Vancouver Island residents, and all BC residents, to understand the health care options available to them.

Legislation governing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) was passed by Parliament on June 17, 2016. This means medical assistance in dying is now legal in Canada when provided within the purview of the legislation.  

Island Health supports Medical Assistance in Dying, and we are delivering this service with sensitivity, compassion and a commitment to quality. Island Health is committed to ensuring that all Vancouver Island residents who want MAiD receive this service in a timely manner and with compassion, and in accordance with the patient’s wishes. 

We acknowledge that some individuals, as well as faith-based health care facilities, conscientiously object to the provision of MAiD. Island Health knows that our partners in care who conscientiously object will respond to any patient who may request MAiD with respect, compassion and without discrimination.

Should a patient request MAiD in this situation, the care provider works closely with the patient and health care team to discuss and plan the patient’s health care needs. They will also provide safe and timely transfer of the patient – to a location that meets the patient’s wishes – for further assessment and discussion of care options. 

MAiD is available at Island Health-owned and -operated sites. Detailed information on MAiD, including a brochure for patients and families and a link to information provided by the Federal Government, is available at MAiD.