MyHealth provides virtual access to health records, including COVID-19 test results

Enrollment in Island Health’s Patient Portal — MyHealth — has gone virtual, giving patients across Island Health easier access to their own digital health records, including COVID-19 screening results. In support of efforts to reduce unnecessary visits to our facilities, people can now sign up for MyHealth remotely.

“With the newly available virtual enrollment feature, we are pleased the recently-launched MyHealth patient portal can play an even larger role in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic” said Leah Hollins, Island Health board chair. “This is an empowering step for patients while adhering to the Provincial Health Officer’s direction on physical distancing and limiting visitors to our hospitals. With access to their own health records anytime from anywhere they can get all kinds of test results quickly, review results in real-time during virtual care visits, and make informed decisions about their care plan.”

Information about the enrollment process is available at Adult patients can request access to MyHealth by calling the MyHealth Virtual Enrollment line at 1-844-844-2219 with their BC Services Card available for identity verification. 

MyHealth offers patients secure online access from a computer or mobile device to information stored in the Island Health Electronic Health Record system. Currently, the information viewable in MyHealth includes the following:

  • Laboratory results—general lab, microbiology, and pathology—from any Island Health laboratory (inpatient or outpatient), including COVID-19 testing.
  • Medical imaging reports from any Island Health medical imaging center.
  • Most outpatient appointments.

More than 5,000 people have signed up for MyHealth since it launched in December 2019. A recent survey of nearly 1,000 users shows that the portal is having a meaningful and positive impact: 

  • 93% of respondents would recommend MyHealth to their friends, family, or colleagues. 
  • 71% of respondents report that access to MyHealth gives them more confidence about how to manage their health and make healthcare decisions. 
  • 47% of respondents expect that they will use MyHealth once per month or more. 

“[It’s] so helpful,” said one survey respondent. “I’m experiencing a high-risk pregnancy at the moment, and it is so comforting to be able to see my results—sometimes even before my doctor calls to inform me. It helps me feel more in control and prepared during this uncertain time.”

As health care becomes increasingly patient-centric, systems like MyHealth provide opportunities to better engage patients in their care planning and health management. 

“Information is power,” said Christine MacKinnon, patient advisor for the MyHealth project. “Access to your health record can help you participate in conversations with your health-care providers, track your health over time, and make informed decisions.” 

Currently, access to MyHealth is available to adults aged 19 and older. Access for minors and proxies is in development, so a designated family member or individual can be authorized to view the health record of a child, elderly person, or other individual to assist with their care.

“MyHealth is just getting started,” said Dr. Eric Shafonsky, MyHealth physician champion. “We’re listening to what patients and providers are saying and working on how MyHealth can best expand to provide more information and more features that will help empower patients to participate in their health and care.” 

Island Health ensures all personal and medical records are secure, protected by technical safeguards, meet provincial and federal requirements, and always remain in Canada. 

Learn more about MyHealth on our website or watch the Introducing MyHealth video.

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