Keeping the air clean in our communities. Smoking bylaw includes cannabis, vaping and fines.

Victoria – Island Health, in partnership with the Capital Regional District, supports all efforts to promote outdoor public spaces free of smoke from tobacco and vapour devices, as well as cannabis (when legalized). Island Health enforcement officers and CRD bylaw officers continue to provide education and awareness around the CRD’s Clean Air Bylaw (no.3962). Island Health enforcement officers will issue written warnings in September and fines ($100) beginning in October, for observed violations of the Bylaw.

The Clean Air Bylaw prohibits smoking tobacco, vapour products and cannabis in public spaces:

  • Parks, beaches within parks, playgrounds, public squares, playing fields
  • Within 7 metres of bus stops, doorway, window or air intakes
  • Outdoor patios where food and beverage are served
  • Indoor public spaces

Similar restrictions on smoking or vaping of cannabis will apply when legalized.

To learn more, visit or contact the Island Health Tobacco Control Program at 250-360-1450 or

Did you know?

  1. There is no safe level of second-hand smoke.
  2. Second-hand smoke causes about 800 deaths annually, and tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable deaths in Canada. Breathing second hand tobacco smoke increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and respiratory illnesses.
  3. Harmful particles from tobacco, cannabis and vaping can be carried up to seven metres in outdoor settings.
  4. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of psychoactive substances found in second-hand smoke from cannabis.

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For resources to quit smoking, see or call 1-877-455-2233.

For resources for assistance with substance abuse, visit:

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