Island Health declares COVID-19 outbreak on general medicine unit 4B at Victoria General Hospital

Island Health has declared a COVID-19 outbreak in two rooms on the general medicine unit on 4B at Victoria General Hospital (VGH).

Two patients have tested positive for COVID-19. The outbreak is limited to the two rooms on the general medicine unit on 4B, as this is likely where transmission occurred.

Since the first positive case, Island Health immediately implemented precautions, including isolation, enhanced cleaning, and contact tracing to protect the health of all patients, staff and medical staff. Follow-up testing identified one additional patient case. 

Visitation to the affected rooms will be limited to essential visits only at this time.  

It is important to note that this outbreak is limited to two rooms on the general medicine unit on 4B and no other areas of the hospital are currently affected. The hospital is still a safe place and people should not avoid seeking emergency care if they require it. All outpatient services and scheduled procedures will continue as normal.

Island Health has implemented comprehensive strategies to prevent and respond to COVID-19 in long-term care, acute care, assisted living and licensed facilities.

Communication with patients, families and staff is ongoing.

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