Intensive residential treatment beds for addictions open in the Comox Valley

Comox Valley - Clients needing longer term, residentially-based addictions treatment services can now access 11 intensive residential treatment beds at the Comox Valley Recovery Centre.

The repurposed beds – which provide longer stays and more intensive treatment – serve men living with opioid use disorder and other addictions. Clients will receive a higher level of care to support significant addiction challenges than was previously available on Vancouver Island. 

“We need to provide a full spectrum of mental health and addiction treatment options so more people can find the right support to help them find a pathway to hope and healing,” said Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions. “These intensive treatment beds allow people to access safe, holistic and lasting care, while remaining near their family, friends and support systems on Vancouver Island.”

The beds at the Comox Valley Recovery Centre will provide intensive treatment services for up to 90 days. Services include a range of clinical and non-clinical counselling and supports, psycho-social recovery education, peer-supported recovery options and self-development opportunities. Treatments and supports are tailored to clients’ individual requirements.  The goal is to allow people to focus on recovery in a safe and secure environment so they can return to living a productive and rewarding life.

Clients are assessed for the treatment beds based on a referral from a health care professional. The services provided by the Comox Valley Recovery Centre are linked to other community-based services, including a strengthened Intensive Case Management team in the Comox Valley, enhanced follow up after someone has presented in an Emergency Department with an overdose and improved access to addictions supports through primary care settings such as physician offices and the Health Connections Clinic (Comox Valley Nursing Centre).

“Island Health is strengthening the full range of services, supports and treatment for people living with addictions, including opioid use disorder,” said Dr. Richard Crow, Executive Medical Director for Mental Health and Substance Use with Island Health. “Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease which requires a continuum of services to support people in their recovery. The intensive treatment beds will save lives and help people reconnect with their community and loved ones.”

Island Health’s contract with the Comox Valley Recovery Centre totals $236,000. For more information about the addictions services provided by Island Health, please visit: Mental Health Services.

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