Improving seniors’ care in the Comox Valley

COMOX VALLEY – To strengthen seniors’ care in the Comox Valley, Island Health is opening interim beds to ensure the frail and elderly receive timely, appropriate care in the community. These beds will remain in place until late 2020, when it is anticipated up to 151 permanent beds will open in the community.

Island Health is opening 17 beds on Floor 4B at the North Island Hospital’s Comox Valley campus. The beds are expected to open in early September. Over the short and medium term, these beds will be used to help alleviate patient capacity pressures due, in part, to patients waiting to transition home or to a community-based complex care facility.

In the months ahead, Island Health will begin to look at options for use of patient beds on Floor 4B in the long term, in line with the long-term region-wide vision for the beds.

Island Health is also partnering with St. Joseph’s to open 21 interim complex care beds and three interim respite care beds. These beds are expected to open in early September and will be located in the former St. Joseph’s hospital site.

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