Logging in for the first time to Island Health

Remote access to Island Health internal services is secured by the use of a personally-owned or Island Health issued mobile device. This device can be a mobile phone, tablet, or a computer. You will use this device to log in, in combination with your username and password. This process is called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the device is known as an MFA device.

In order to set up your MFA access, please follow the steps in the Multi-Factor Authentication Setup document the first time you connect to our services.

If you do not have a device available to use for this service, please contact your hiring manager or contract manager.

Follow the steps below to set up your MFA:

  1. Log in to our Island Health Intranet at https://intranet.islandhealth.ca with the username and password provided by your hiring manager or contract manager.
  2. If you are a new employee, you will be prompted to change your temporary password. Please follow the instructions provided.
  3. Follow the MFA setup instructions to complete your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) setup.
  4. Test your login again to ensure your MFA device has been setup successfully.

Once you've completed these steps, you'll need to use your MFA device every time you log into Island Health services remotely.

If you are currently using gateway.viha.ca to remotely access Citrix applications, you need to immediately change to gateway.islandhealth.ca. Please refer to Remote Access to Citrix Applications. 

Some links to internal services are available on the Employees page.

If you have trouble logging in and completing MFA setup, contact the IMIT Service Desk at 250-370-8777 or toll free at 1-877-563-3152.