Island Health reminds people to safely return needles

rig poster

Island-wide – Island Health is launching a campaign to encourage people who use needles to return them safely. The campaign will remind people to ‘make it your gig to return your rig’ and support local needle recovery efforts. 

The vast majority of needles are properly disposed of, which protect others from getting an accidental needle stick. Fortunately, the risk of being infected by an accidental needle stick is rare.

Where can needles be disposed of safely? 

Needles can be dropped off at the following locations:

Call your municipality to find out if needle disposal boxes are accessible in your area.

Learn how to pick up a needle safely by following a few simple steps.

The provincial needle distribution program helps improve health, keeps people safe from substance harms and increases referrals to treatment and services. Using a new
needle each time reduces the transmission of HIV, hepatitis B and C.

Learn more about harm reduction at

Campaign resources are available at

Media Inquiries:

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