Appointment of administrator ends, oversight strengthened at Selkirk Seniors Village in Victoria

Island Health’s Board of Directors is ending the temporary appointment of an administrator to oversee the day-to-day operations of Selkirk Seniors Village, while new accountabilities and oversight will be added to ensure quality care continues.

On September 30, the Board made the decision to end the administrator’s appointment, after reviewing a recommendation from Medical Health Officer Dr. Murray Fyfe, coupled with reports from the administrator and the Community Care Facilities Licensing program.

In his update on the status of Selkirk Seniors Village, Dr. Fyfe recommended the administrator’s appointment end, noting all outstanding areas of non-compliance have been addressed and criteria to transition management of the facility to the operator were satisfied.

Specific improvements at Selkirk Seniors Village include:

  • Development of strategies to improve staff recruitment and retention;
  • Increased staffing levels in nursing, therapy services, and support services;
  • The addition of a full-time social worker and a nursing clerk;
  • Communication with families has improved through the creation of a family contact database, regular written updates, and monthly Family Council meetings;
  • A strengthened leadership team;
  • Education and training needs identified by the administrator have been fulfilled and a schedule for staff training is incorporated in the transition plan.

Island Health’s Long-term Care program is also taking steps to ensure the improvements made at Selkirk Seniors Village are sustained. Changes imposed on the operator’s contract are designed to strengthen a redesigned quality assurance process developed by Island Health.

The contract amendments include a requirement that the operator:

  • Maintain the budget established by the administrator for at least two fiscal years;
  • The budget cannot be changed without Island Health’s approval;
  • Submit a plan committing to investments in essential equipment necessary to ensure the safety of residents and staff;
  • Be subject to new financial recoveries for non-delivery of direct care hours and support service hours;
  • Submit to quarterly independent financial audits to ensure public funding is being appropriately used to deliver care that meets legislated standards;
  • Provide a monthly staffing report showing all vacancies and new hires;
  • Comply with Island Health’s wound care practice;
  • Comply with Island Health’s policy related to appropriate additional client charges;
  • Notify Island Health of all senior leadership and department leadership changes.

Further, Island Health is increasing the number of staff responsible for oversight to include on-site audits of performance.

Under the provincially required risk rating system for long-term care facilities, the Community Care Facilities Licensing program will be assigning an initial high-risk status, ensuring close and frequent monitoring of the Licensee’s compliance with the requirements of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Residential Care Regulation.

Susan Abermann was initially appointed as administrator at Selkirk Seniors Village on December 9, 2019 for a period of at least six months, ending in June 2020. The appointment by the Board was based on a recommendation from Dr. Fyfe and followed investigation and reporting by the Licensing program. In June, Ms. Abermann’s appointment was extended to October 12.

Selkirk Seniors Village is a privately owned 217-bed long-term care facility operated by West Coast Seniors Housing Management LLP, which is part of the Retirement Concepts group of companies. Island Health publicly funds 185 of the beds.

Please see the backgrounder summarizing the Medical Health Officer’s recommendation to the Board