Posters Advertising Research Studies

Posters Advertising Research Studies

NOTICE:  Island Health Research Ethics office has moved.  Please refer to our revised contact information.

Island Health seeks to collaborate with the broader health research community to offer research opportunities for residents of Vancouver Island, and to increase research integrity and support study recruitment by advertising external studies in specific clinics or public areas within Island Health.

  • If a study is already approved for conduct at Island Health by the Research Ethics Board (REB), then the recruitment materials and poster (if any) will have been duly reviewed and approved by the REB.
  • Posters or other recruitment advertising for studies external to Island Health require the approval of any departments where they will be displayed, as well as a brief review by the research ethics office to ensure the inclusion of a statement that clearly indicates that the research is not being conducted BY Island Health.

How to Request Approval for External Studies

Complete and submit the Short Form Ethics and Operational Review form available through the Research Services Portal

Obtaining Departmental Approval

In addition to submitting the Short Form Ethics and Operational Review form, the researcher will be required to obtain appropriate approvals from the departments to be affected.

The Research Ethics Office will route the completed application to the relevant departments for approval using the Portal. The Director/Medical Director may approve electronically with an e-signature through the Portal.

How Do You Know You Have Approval?

Once approved for posting within Island Health facilities, the researcher will receive aInstitutional Approval Certificate.

Follow-up Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the researcher to advise the clinic or area when recruitment has ended, so that staff members can remove any expired materials.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to notify the Island Health REB office within one working day if recruitment is stopped for safety reasons, and to contact the relevant clinics or areas for immediate removal of any recruitment materials.