Submit an application for harmonized ethics review

The Provincial Research Ethics Platform (PREP) is housed in the UBC online system called “RISe.”  The RISe system is used primarily by UBC-affiliated researchers. 

If you are submitting an application for ethical review of a study that involves Island Health and another health authority or educational institution in BC, you will be required to submit using the RISe system.

This includes research ethics applications where you or a team member has UBC/UVic/SFU/UNBC, or UBCO affiliation, you are a family practice or pharmacy resident, a dietetic intern, a student with UBC affiliation, or your study seeks a population in another BC health authority, BC Cancer, or PHSA. ..

New questions (mostly administrative in nature) were added to RISe to support provincial harmonized reviews, and this is now referred to as the PREP.

To access PREP, non-UBC researchers [1] with no current appointment at UBC must apply for two UBC accounts in this order: Campus Wide Log-in account, RISe account.

  1. Apply for a UBC “Campus-wide log-in” (CWL) account

Non-UBC affiliated individuals will create a basic CWL account. The CWL account is always created by the user and they get to choose their own user name and password that they have access to immediately. 

  1. Apply for a RISe account

The UBC RISe Support Staff will create a researcher RISe account for you.  The RISe account is connected to a “RISe Profile” (with your coordinates).

Email the following to UBC RISe support 

  • *Title (e.g., Dr., Mr., Ms, etc.):
  • *Full First name/Middle initial/Last name:
  • *Work E-mail address:
  • *Work Telephone number:
  • *Rank:
  • *Dept./UBC Affiliation: 
  • Main work location (if at hospital):
  • UBC Employee number (if available):
  • UBC Student number (if available):
  • Your CWL username: 

*Indicate your rank as a 'Non-UBC Faculty' or 'Non-UBC Employee' where appropriate. 

Need help when applying for RISe account? Contact UBC’s Snezana Milosevic   Please let her know that you are a researcher using PREP.

When created, an email with special code is sent to the user's email account. That code and researcher number is required for the initial login to the system.  After the initial login, only your CWL is needed to login to PREP (aka RISe!) going forward.

In your RISe account “Work Information (Appointments and Affiliations)”

Make sure you add your institution in section 1.b within your RISe profile and also section 2 under 'UBC' dept name.

Indicate your rank as a 'Non-UBC Faculty' or 'Non-UBC Employee' where appropriate. 

  1. Log-in to RISe  

Go to RISe homepage

Log-in with your CWL user name and password.

  1. Helpful resources on the RISe homepage
  • Explore the RISe Sandbox.  This section of RISe allows you to create a mock application to become familiar with the application process.
  • Review the appropriate tutorial(s) that are available on the RISe website. (Tutorials are publicly accessible. No RISe account needed.)
  • Read and download the extensive Guidance Notes that are available for each of the six UBC Research Ethics Boards [2]
  • Make use of the Forms & Templates available on the homepage
  • Take advantage of the built-in Guidance Notes when it comes time to fill out a research ethics application. The built-in guidance in PREP is more user-friendly and always available at the click of a button.

For more information on PREP or Research Ethics BC/harmonization, please contact the Research Ethics BC Navigator.

[1] If you are a researcher with a current/active UBC affiliation (e.g., a post-doc, you hold an appointment with a UBC-affiliated hospital such as BC Cancer, Providence, Children & Women’s Hospital) you don’t need to apply for another CWL.

[2] These UBC ethics boards all use the RISe system and are written for UBC researchers.