Reporting on Internal Grants

Island Health grant-holders must submit all required grant forms online through the Research Services Portal (requires registration).

Online Report Forms

The following report forms are available through the Research Services Portal:

  • Interim Grant Progress Reports - every six months for awards longer than 1 year; due 1 month after the end of each 6-month period
  • Final Grant Reports - required 2 months after the end of the award term
  • Requests for an Extension of Award - due no later than 30 days before the end of the award
  • Requests for Budget Change - to reallocate funds from any line-item to another in excess of 10% of the total budget

Grant-holders who are behind in their reporting are ineligible to apply for Island Health grants until all outstanding reports have been submitted.

How to Submit Reports

Review these instructions on how to submit reports to access and complete reports through the Portal.

  • You will receive a reminder email 2 weeks prior to the due date for any required reports.
  • If you cannot view or find the award file in the Portal, or if you need to be granted access to the file, contact Andrea Zeelie-Varga.

Only project team members identified in the Portal file can access the file to submit the required forms.

What do I need to report on?

All interim and final grant report forms are available online through the Research Services Portal. Grant-holders are asked to report on:

  • what research activities have been completed
  • whether there have been any unforeseen delays
  • whether project expenses are on track according to the approved budget

In addition, the final grant report requests a narrative summary of the results, including impact and any knowledge translation activities.