Past Winners

Congratulations to the past winners of our internal granting competitions!

Evidence-into-Practice Awards


Gold Award-Winner

Dr. Paul Winston, Medical Director of Rehabilitation and Transitions - “Rapid Triage and Diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I and II; Halting Long Term Disability

Silver Award-Winner

Dr. Sean Spina, Principal Investigator – ATHOME; HaH Clinical Subject Matter Expert; Dr. Elisabeth Crisci, Hospitalist, Medical Co-Lead with Hospital at Home; Dr. Shauna Tierney, Hospitalist, Medical Co-Lead with Hospital at Home- “Hospital at Home”

Bronze Award-Winner

Dr. Duncan Jacks, Orthopedic Surgeon; Dr. Jacques Smit, Anesthesiologist, – “The Victoria Enhanced Recovery Arthroplasty Program (VERA)”


Gold Award-Winner

Donna Jouan-Tapp, Manager, Duncan Community Health Services – “Defining Nursing Capacity in Community Care”

Silver Award-Winner

Sean Spina, Clinical Coordinator, Pharmacy - “Investigation into the Cleaning Methods of Smartphones and Wearables from Infectious Contamination in a Patient Care Environment (I-SWIPE)”

Bronze Award-Winner

Jennifer Spiers, Manager, Cowichan Home Support & Waldon House ADP – “Quick Updating Information Procedure Sessions (QUIPS)”


Gold Award-Winner

David Huntley, Manager, Surgical Services/Rehab/CY&F, Cowichan District Hospital – “Surgical Services Efficiencies and Waitlist Management Strategies”

Silver Award-Winner

Dr. Paul Winston, Medical Director of Rehabilitation and Transitions - “Using evidence to build a world-leading hub for the management of spasticity.”  Using Evidence to Build a World-Leading Hub for the Management of Spasticity.”

Bronze Award-Winner

Norman Carter-Sim, Clinical Nurse Educator – “A-STaT Acuity Statistics Tracking and Trending”


Gold Award-Winner

Grant Hoffert, (RN, BSN), Victoria Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

"Reducing Patient Wait Times and Clinic Length through Care Delivery Modification"

Silver Award-Winner

Rachel Edey, (BScPharm, ACPR), Internal Medicine Pharmacist, NRGH

"I DROP IT: Impact of Deprescribing Rounds on Outpatient Prescriptions: an Interventional Trial"

Bronze Award-Winner

James Watson, Manager, Surgical Quality, Surgical Services

"Improving Perioperative Temperature Management"

People's Choice Award for Best Poster

Rachel Edey


no competition



Dan Martinusen, Nephrology Clinical Pharmacy Specialist — “Implementation of an Anemia Management Algorithm

Jody Pickard and Chris Goble, Clinical Educators, MHSU Practice Resource team — “Mental Health and Substance Use Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT)”

Dr. Imad Nadra, Consultant in Interventional Cardiology at Westheart Cardiology & Royal Jubilee Hospital — "Preventing Radial Occlusion Through More Effective Closure Techniques and Advanced Radial Management Study (PROTECT ARMS)"

Jason Craig, Resource Physiotherapist, School Age Program at Queen Alexandra Center for Children’s Health — “Community Falls Risk Assessment for School Aged Children”

Dr. Helen Campbell, Division Head, Collaborative Care, Mental Health and Substance Use — “Cognitive Behavioural Interpersonal Skills Training Manual: Mental Health Education, training, and tools to improve care and change attitudes”

Dr. Sean Spina (Clinical Coordinator, Pharmacy) and Sherry Lalli (Operations Coordinator, Pharmacy) — “Pharmacy Practice Model Redesign at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital”

Sandie Somers, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Seniors and Spiritual Health —“Grief, Loss and Dementia: An Education Program for Family Caregivers of Persons with Dementia”

Pauline Melanson, Manager for Chronic Disease Management, Nutrition Therapy Services — “In-Patient Diabetes Nurse Educator Quality Improvement Initiative”


Seed Grants


Dr. Ramm Hering, Addictions Medicine Physician and Karen Urbanoski, Scientist, Centre for Addictions Research of BC — “Evaluation of an Inpatient Addictions Medicine Consult Service in Island Health”

Carolyn Maze, Nurse, Victoria Hospice, Carolyn Wilkinson, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Victoria Hospice, and Dr. Kelli Stajduhar, Professor, UVic School of Nursing — “Improving End of Life Care: Bereaved Family Members' Perceptions of Nursing Care at End of Life”

Dr. Rosanne Beuthin, Consultant, Medical Assistance in Dying, End of Life Care, Dr. Anne Bruce, Professor, UVic School of Nursing, and Dr. Margaret Scaia, Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Nursing — “Nurses’ Experiences with Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)”


Dr. Paul Novak, Victoria Cardiac Arrhythmia Trials — "Randomized prospective trial comparing contact force and non-contact force guided catheter ablation for cavotricuspid isthmus dependent atrial flutter"

Grant Hoffert, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic — "Improving anxiety and depression in the Cystic Fibrosis population using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and virtual meeting"

Dr. Christine Lee, Infection Prevention & Control— "Understanding the epidemiology of Healthcare-Associated versus Community-Associated Clostridium difficile Infection"

Yajai Apibunyopas Emergency Ultrasound Fellow, NRGH — "Protocol for Carotid VTI and Carotid Flow Time as the Predictor of Volume Responsiveness in Patients undergoing fluid resuscitation in the Emergency Department"

Caelin Rose, Victoria Hospice — "Music Therapy for Seniors at End-of-Life: Feasibility Study"


James Morrell, Chronic Disease Management & Nutrition Therapy Services — “The delay in starting insulin for patients with Type 2 diabetes: Identification and understanding of the clinical care gap from patients’ perspectives”

Heather Tant, Chronic Disease Management & Nutrition Therapy Services —“Transition care for youth with diabetes: effects on diabetes outcomes”

Dillon Chrimes, IM/IT — “Influences of configurations of distributed file-system and large-scale processing in a big data platform on queries of emulated patient data”

Dr. Anita Vallee, Public Health (Dental) — “Peer-led Oral Health Education for Elementary School-age Children”

Dr. Adriana Condello, Pediatrics — “Mental Health Services for Children and Youth in Victoria: Patterns of Use”


Dr. Michelle Van Den Engh-Cook, Psychiatry — “The Role of Clinical Supervision in Nurturing Medical Trainee Resilience”

Gurprit Randhawa, Primary Care, Chronic Disease, and Rural Health Services — “A Knowledge Translation Project on Benchmark End-of-Life Care Practices for the Elderly in Primary Care”

Catalyst Grants


Mélie De Champlain, Director, Transition Planning, Community Integration, Population & Community Health, with Elaine Gallagher and Debra Sheets (University of Victoria, School of Nursing): “Comparison of the Implementation and Outcomes of the Collective Impact Framework Initiatives in Saanich and the Cowichan Valley for Seniors with Complex Chronic Diseases and Frailty (Phase 2)”

Melanie Rusch, Manager, Population Health & Epidemiology, Planning and Community Engagement (PACE), with Ziba Vaghri (University of Victoria): “Promoting children's development and well-being through facilitation of the implementation and monitoring of the Convention on the Rights of the Child”


Caelin Rose, Victoria Hospice, “Music Therapy for Seniors at End-of-Life: Strengthening the Evidence Base”


Dr. Abraham (Rami) Rudnick, Psychiatry, “Integrating supported employment with supported postsecondary education for people with mental illness: a research collaboration for a multi-site randomized controlled trial”

Research Support Grants


Dr. Jonathan Down (Developmental Pediatrician, Island Health) with Lenora Marcellus (UVic Nursing), “Does receiving a diagnosis of FASD improve quality of life for women who are pregnant or new parents?”

Dr. Nichole Fairbrother, “New mothers' thoughts of harm: Prevalence and relation to OCD and child harm”

Dr. Christine Lee (Medical Microbiologist and Researcher, Island Health) with Caylee Raber (Emily Carr Health Design Lab), “Optimizing microbiology test utilization and development of microbiology laboratory stewardship program


Mélie De Champlain, Director, Transition Planning, Community Integration, Population & Community Health: “Developmental Evaluation of the Implementation and Impact of the EPIC (Eldercare Project In Cowichan) Model for Seniors with Complex Chronic Diseases and Frailty (Phase 1)”

Constance Haselden, Manager, Child, Youth and Family (South Island): “Understanding the evolution of expectant and new parents' beliefs and behaviours about pediatric vaccination in British Columbia"

Dr. Ramm Hering, Addiction Medicine Physician, with Karen Urbanoski and Scott MacDonald (Centre for Addictions Research of BC; University of Victoria): “Compulsory Addiction Treatment: Toward Evidence-Based Policy and Practice”

Dr. Leah MacDonald, Medical Director, End-of-Life, with Kelli Stajduhar and Denise Cloutier Fisher (University of Victoria, School of Nursing): “Evaluation of an Innovative Approach to Improving End-Of-Life Outcomes In Residential Care Facilities”

Dr. Andrew Penn, Medical Lead, Stroke Rapid Assessment Unit, Island Health; Principal Investigator, SpecTRA Project, with Dr. Michael Marnane (UBC); Scott Hofer and Christoph Borchers (University of Victoria): “Defining the Etiology and Prevalence of Cognitive impairment in TIA and minor Stroke (DEPiCTS)”


Carrie Barker (Esther Pace), Youth & Family Substance Use Services: “Becoming and Belonging: Creating Community for Youth Suffering from Mental Health Issues”

Cheryl Beach, Continuing Health Services: “Modeling Changes in Mobility, Cognition and Daily Activities to Predict Care Needs in Community Dwelling Older Adults Living with Cognitive Impairment”

Dr. Laurence Bosley, Psychiatry: “Improving Island Health Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services”

Dr. Nichole Fairbrother, Psychiatry: “The Validity of the Childbirth Fear Questionnaire as a Screening Tool for Specific Phobia of Childbirth”


Dr. Abraham (Rami) Rudnick, Psychiatry, “Integrating supported employment with supported postsecondary education for people with mental illness: an exploratory randomized controlled study”

Colleen Butcher, Seniors Health, “Translating Evidence to Practice to Improve Hospital Care for People with Dementia”

Cheryl Beach, Continuing Health Services, “Technology Supports for Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Dementia and Family Caregivers”

Dr. Donna Buna, Pharmacy, “Evaluating the Impact of a Breakthrough Pain Action Plan on the Use of Breakthrough Medications in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain”

Stephanie McCune, “Collaborating with Carers: Increasing Capacity to Engage and Support Parents and Carers in Island Health, MHSU”

Collaborative Grants


Dr. Rosanne Beuthin (Consultant, Medical Assistance in Dying, Island Health) with Anne Bruce (UVic Nursing), “Physicians’ Experience with Medical Assistance in Dying”

Dr. Nichole Fairbrother with Dr. Patricia Janssen (UBC) “Online cognitive behaviour therapy for postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder”

Dr. Dee Hoyano (Medical Health Officer, Island Health) with Nathan Lachowsky (UVic School of Public Health and Social Policy), “Improving HIV and STI Prevention and Health Services for Gay and Bisexual Men within Island Health”

Sue Kurucz (Manager, Integrated Community Services, Island Health) with Andre Smith (UVic Sociology), “Optimizing antipsychotic use in residential care: The role of organizational readiness for change”

Dr. Alison Walzak (Physician, Internal Medicine, Island Health) with Olav Krigolson (UVic School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education) and Bruce Wright, “Electroencephalographic Assessment of Clinician Fatigue”


Dr. Davide Salina (Laboratory Services) and Julian Lum (BC Cancer), "Defining immune signatures in genitourinary cancers and their association with outcome."

Dr. Christine Lee (Infection Prevention and Control) and Farouk Nathoo (UVic), "Prospective, open-label trial to evaluate efficacy of lyophilized fecal microbiota transplantation for treatment of recurrent C. difficile infection."

Grant Hoffert (Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic) and Ryan Rhodes (UVic), "Increasing adherence to physical activity prescription among cystic fibrosis patients: A feasibility study."

Darin Abbey (Centre for Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Learning) and Maureen Ryan (UVic), "Simulation Educator Pathway Program Collaborative Research Project."


(first year of competition)

Sue Kurucz (Manager, Residential Care, Chemainus Health Care Centre), Anne Dawkes (Clinical Nurse Leader, Residential Care, Chemainus Health Care Centre), and Andre Smith (Sociology, University of Victoria) for “Optimizing antipsychotic use for persons with dementia in residential care: A focus on care planning and family involvement”

Helena Daudt (Director, Education and Research, Victoria Hospice) and Anne Bruce (School of Nursing, University of Victoria) for “Dinner and Stories: Sharing Experiences of End-of-Life Care”

Dr. Kennard Tan (Medical Microbiologist & Physician Lead for IHealth Data Analytics) and Alex Kuo (Health Information Sciences, University of Victoria) for “Design and Implementation of a Big Data Analytics Framework for Health Applications”

Devin Lynn (Manager, Adult Mental Health & Substance Use) and Bernie Pauly (School of Nursing, University of Victoria) for “Working Together: Evaluating an Integrated Model of Care for People Experiencing Homelessness and Substance Use Problems”

Dr. Caroline Quartly (Physiatrist, Queen Alexandra Orthotics, Prosthetics and Seating) and Paul Zehr (Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Victoria) for “Bridging the gap between isolated limb movement and whole body locomotor retraining after stroke”

Dr. Paul Hasselback (Medical Health Officer, Central Island) and Ali Dastmalchian (School of Business, University of Victoria) for “Developing Human Resource Climates in Health Organizations: Examining their Workplace Dynamics and Impacts Using Case Research”

Dr. Richard Stanwick (Chief Medical Health Officer) and Bonnie Leadbeater (Psychology, University of Victoria) for “Foundations for health and healthy lifestyles: a report on the health and well-being of youth transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood in British Columbia”

Carolyn Wilkinson (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Victoria Hospice) and Carol McDonald (School of Nursing, University of Victoria) for “Exploring high mortality cancer patients and family caregivers transitions from diagnosis to end of life: Implications for quality of life”