Safe Reporting

Safe Reporting Overview

Safe Reporting allows anyone to safely report suspected wrongdoing committed by anyone working for Island Health.The Safe Reporting Policy states that retaliation against a person reporting alleged wrongdoing in good faith is a serious breach of the policy.


What is safe reporting? 

Island Health's Safe Reporting Policy and Safe Reporting Procedure outline the steps for any person to be able to report wrongdoing by people associated with Island Health without fear of retaliation. 

I'm an employee or medical staff member at Island Health. If I see wrongdoing, what should I do?

You should discuss your concerns with a manager. 

What if I'm not comfortable discussing my concerns with management or have not had a satisfactory outcome after speaking with management?

You can contact a Safe Reporting Officer using the contact information below. 

I'm not an employee or medical staff member at Island Health. What should I do?

You can contact a Safe Reporting Officer with details about your concern using the contact information below. 

What can I report? 

You can use Safe Reporting to report:

  • illegal activity or non-compliance with any federal or provincial law or regulations
  • fraud or other unethical conduct
  • misuse or waste of public funds or resources
  • actions posing a threat or danger to patients and staff or the public
  • non-compliance with Island Health policies
  • an actual or perceived conflict of interest

Can I send you an anonymous report? 

Yes, you can remain anonymous when you report an allegation of wrongdoing. However, our assessment or investigation may be more successful if we can discuss the allegation with you to ask for information that might be missing. 

What should I include when making a report?

You should include as much detail as possible including the nature of the alleged wrongdoing, the name of the person alleged to have committed the wrongdoing, the relevant dates, time, place or facility, others involved, and any other facts you think might help us understand your concern.

What do you do when you get my report?

To become familiar with our process you can read the Safe Reporting Procedure and Safe Reporting Policy. If your allegation is within the scope of the policy, the Safe Reporting Officer will conduct an initial assessment to determine if a full investigation should take place. 

If your allegation is outside of the scope of the policy, we will let you know that we cannot review your allegation under this policy.

Some common out of scope concerns that have their own reporting processes include allegations about patient treatment, privacy breaches, public health, workplace abuse, and workplace safety. See the table below to direct your concern to the relevant area.

How do I report wrongdoing?

You can:

  • Send a confidential e-mail to Write in the subject line "Island Health Safe Reporting / Private & Confidential".
  • Telephone 250-519-1526 or toll-free at 1-855-433-1526 to reach the dedicated, confidential Safe Reporting phone line.
  • Mark a letter: "Island Health Safe Reporting / Private & Confidential, Attention: Safe Reporting Officer / Director, Internal Audit Services" and mail letter to:

1952 Bay St
Victoria, B.C.
V8R 1J8.

What are the other ways to review and investigate allegations or concerns?

Area of concern Includes Contact
Patient experience

Concerns with quality of patient care

Patient Care Quality Office


Privacy breaches

Allegations regarding privacy breaches such as potential unauthorized:

  • access to personal information
  • use of personal information
  • disclosure of personal information
Information Stewardship, Access & Privacy Office

Toll free: 1-877-748-2290

Public health

Public health concerns involving:

  • air quality
  • child day care facilities
  • community care facilities
  • disease management
  • drinking water
  • food safety
  • personal service inspections (tattoos, tanning, piercings)
  • pesticides
  • recreational water (beaches, pools)
  • sewage systems
  • tobacco and retail vapour enforcement, smoke-free spaces


Office of the Medical Health Officer









Workplace Abuse

Workplace abuse such as:

  • discrimination
  • personal harassment
  • bullying
  • sexual harassment

Respectful workplace

Workplace Safety

Workplace concerns such as:

  • hazards related to staff safety
  • WorkSafe BC non-compliance

Occupational Health & Safety

Toll free: 1-888-519-1540