Pain Management Services

The Pain Program is for people living in the Island Health region who are experiencing severe chronic pain that is resistant to treatment, and for the people who support them.

We treat patients who suffer from non-surgical pain that is not managed by conventional methods and have clinical centres at the Royal Jubilee Hospital and the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. The Comox Valley Nursing Centre also provides chronic pain management support.

Group Programs

Group pain management programs offer an interdisciplinary approach to assessment and treatment for individuals with persistent pain. Our goal is to assist people with persistent pain by empowering them to regain and maintain control of their pain and their lives.

Who are the programs for?

The programs will be most beneficial to those individuals who are having difficulty coping with their chronic pain and its impact on their lives, especially if they have experienced a decrease in functional ability (self-care, home management, work, social activities, recreation, family roles).

Health care professionals guide clients in exploring strategies for living more effectively with chronic pain, allowing them to participate in activities they enjoy. 

How do I access them?

Once you are referred by your family doctor to the Island Health Pain Program, you can start the programs suggested to you by the team.

Please review the following program lists and register for one or more sessions/programs by calling the numbers listed there:

Nanaimo General Hospital:

Self-Management Programs - NRGH

Yellow Patient Intake Form

**Please note: You must mail this form back with the prepaid envelope provided before you will be booked for an appointment. Do not email this form.

NRGH Central Island Pain Program Zoom Session:

Orientation 9 a.m. Session

Orientation 1 p.m. Session

Please remember to use the meeting ID and password that was mailed to you from the Central Island Pain Program.

Royal Jubilee Hospital:

All programs require registration, including orientation sessions. Patients are permitted to register for each course once and will be granted one year to take the courses they are interested in prior to discharge into the community.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently restructuring our self-management rehab program at Royal Jubilee Hospital. We hope to have updated information posted soon. 

Interdisciplinary Services

Physiotherapy Services

Some clients may benefit from individual physiotherapy services. These are offered only with referral from members of the interdisciplinary team, at their discretion.
The Physiotherapist assesses and treats neurological and musculoskeletal dysfunctions/injuries. The treatment program may include:

  • mobilization
  • stretching
  • strengthening
  • conditioning
  • postural education

Efforts are made toward improving your understanding of your condition and persisting pain, and in teaching independent management.

Occupational Therapy Services

The Occupational Therapist assesses your function in self-care, leisure and productivity. Together, you will set goals that you can attain individually or in groups.

Nursing Services

The Clinical Nurse Leader coordinates the program by assessing and screening patients and ensuring all relevant information is shared with the team.

All nursing staff can monitor and discuss your medication and treatments. Nursing staff have a phone line for clients to call and ask questions.  The phone has voicemail and every effort is made to return all calls.

Social Work

The Social Worker is available to provide emotional and practical support to clients and their family members.

The worker can offer a variety of supports, including: 

  • individual and family counseling
  • co-facilitation of group sessions
  • education and connection to community resources
  • assistance with practical barriers such as transportation or completing complex forms


The Pharmacist works with you and your physician(s) to help optimize your medication regimen. 

The primary goal is to help improve your quality of life by finding the right medication choices for you.

This goal is met by helping you streamline your treatment, providing education about medication effects/side effects and how to manage them, and by guiding you through what may seem like the “medication maze.” 

The Pharmacist supports the other members of the interdisciplinary team in meeting their goals for your overall care. 


Pain affects not only our physical well-being, but also our thoughts and emotions.  The Psychologist is an integral part of the interdisciplinary team who provides evidence-based treatment to enhance your success with the Pain Program (e.g. trauma-based therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy, and marital therapy).  The Psychologist provides comprehensive assessments and recommendations to the team for specialized pain treatments. 

The Psychologist also contributes to the educational component of the Pain Program, contributes to program development, and conducts research to promote further understanding about pain.


The Psychiatrist is available to provide a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. In addition, the Psychiatrist may recommend a variety of treatment alternatives, using a client-centred basis for identifying goals and outcomes.

General Information on Pain Management Services

Referral Required?
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