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Centralized Access and Rapid Engagement Service (CARES) provides screening, assessment, treatment recommendations and referrals to Island Health Mental Health and Substance Use and external community programs in the Victoria area.  The intake team includes professionals with backgrounds in social work, nursing, substance use treatment and psychology, with psychiatrist support to make referral decisions.

CARES Brochure

Access to Mental Health Services & Substance Use Services

Many Mental Health & Substance Use Programs require a referral from your family physician, walk-in clinic or nurse practitioner. Please have your primary care provider fax a completed MHSU Referral Form to 250-381-3222.

Referrals should be current and completed with as much information as possible including current symptoms and risk factors.

Some Mental Health & Substance Use Services such as single session counselling and withdrawal management services (ex: detox) do not need a physician’s referral and can be initiated by phoning our service Monday – Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. (closed on stats).

If you have questions about accessing MHSU Services please call 250-519-3485

Learn more about resources, tools, self-tests, and education to help support you through wellness and recovery. 

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