Assisted Living & Residential Care Services

Assisted Living & Residential Care Services

Assisted Living

Publicly subsidized Assisted Living is for seniors and people with physical disabilities who need a safe environment to live and help with daily tasks. It includes:

  • Rental accommodation
  • Hospitality services  (meals, housekeeping, recreation supports, emergency response)
  • Personal care assistance

Assisted Living services support your independence and help you continue to live in the community. 

Please visit Accessing Community Health Services for details.

Working together

Island Health provides Assisted Living in partnership with private and non-profit facility operators, often in cooperation with the Independent Living BC program.

For more about Assisted Living in British Columbia, please visit the Office of the Assisted Living Registrar.

Resources for Residents, Family and Visitors

Home and Community Care Client Handbook 
Long Term Care Resident Family Handbook 

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Residential Care

What is Residential Care and who is it for?

Residential Care facilities provide 24-hour professional care and supervision to adults in a supportive, secure environment. Publicly subsidized Residential Care Services are available to adults with complex medical and cognitive care needs and an assessed and urgent need for 24-hour care. Services are aimed at meeting the complex health needs of those admitted to a facility and include:

  • accommodation
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • other professional services such as nursing, physical therapy, social work and nutritional support
  • hospitality services  (meals, housekeeping, recreational activity programs, emergency response)
  • personal care assistance
  • end-of-life care

Please visit these links for more information:

Residential Care and Assisted Living Bed Summary 
Island Health Policy for Permanent or Interim Closure

To help individuals prepare for the transition to Residential Care, please read the Island Health Residential Care Guide

Useful Links:

BC Ministry of Health - Home and Community Care Services
Island Health Licensing Office - Residential Facilities

Contact the Community Health Services Office in your community for information about Residential Care Access.

Resources for Families/Caregivers:

Residential Services Family Engagement Initiative: What We Heard
Resident/Family Council or Family Support Group Guide 

General Information on Assisted Living & Residential Care Services

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Contact the Community Health Services Office in your community for information about Access Housing and other services available for people with disabilities.


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