Minor Surgical Procedures Clinic

Our minor surgery clinic team is comprised of professional plastic and general surgeons, and physicians, who cover the whole breadth of this complex speciality.

VGH Minor Surgical Procedure clinic offers services such as:

  • excision and biopsy to remove or rule out carcinoma
  • temporal artery biopsy
  • nerve biopsy
  • muscle biopsy
  • removal of cyst
  • lesion or foreign body
  • drain removal
  • nail removal
  • tube removal or re-positioning
  • porta cath removal
  • inflamed dermal and epidermal cyst

How to Get Referral

Your primary healthcare provider will refer you to a general or plastic surgeon when indicated. The minor surgical procedures clinic does not accept referrals from physician’s offices. Referrals must be sent directly to the specialist’s office, who will then send you to the clinic for your procedure

After your Visit

A follow-up appointment may or may not be required. Please refer to the physician’s specific discharge instructions pertaining to your procedure. 

Victoria General Hospital
1 Hospital Way
Victoria, B.C.
V8Z 6R5

  • Minor Surgical Procedures Clinic directions:Come in the main entrance (opposite the emergency department entrance)
  • Check in at the main admitting desk
  • Proceed walking down the main corridor
  • Before the gift shop, turn right for the minor surgical procedures clinic

If you need to cancel your appointment at the minor surgical procedures clinic, please contact the specialist’s office before your procedure date.

Please contact your specialist’s offices for any questions or concerns regarding the procedure. For all other inquires, contact the minor surgical procedures clinic.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday: 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Wednesday: 7:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Closed on all other days including weekends and statutory holidays. 

Preparing for Your Visit

Unless indicated by the specialist, there is generally no preparation required.

If you require extra assistance to ambulate, change clothes and/or for toileting, please ensure that a caregiver accompanies you to your visit.If a translator is needed, please bring a family member or a friend to translate.

Island Health will provide translation services over the phone if required. All appointment changes and/or cancellations are arranged through the specialist’s office.

Services at Minor Surgical Procedures Clinic


Sooke Region, West Shore & Urban Greater Victoria