Influenza Information for Community Vaccine Providers

Influenza Information and Forms for Community Vaccine Providers

Information on this page is for Community Vaccine Providers (CVPs) within Island Health.

Influenza Vaccine Products

Quadrivalent Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine

Indications: individuals 2-17 years of age



Quadrivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccines

Indications: individuals 6 months of age and older

Multi-dose vial
FLUZONE® Indications: individuals 6 months of age and older Multi-dose vial or pre-filled syringe
AFLURIA® Indications: individuals 5 years of age and older Multi-dose vial

Indications: Individuals ≥65 years and living in long term care and assisted living facilities or living in First Nations communities 

May be available for purchase at local pharmacies for individuals who do not qualify for a publicly funded dose (as described in bullet above)

Pre-filled syringe

FLULAVAL® and AFLURIA®: once punctured, multi-dose vials must be used within 28 days

FLUZONE®: once punctured, multi-dose vials stored between +2°C to +8°C can be used up to the expiry date on the label

Pre-filled syringes take up approximately 10x more fridge space than multi-dose vials and do not come with needles

Ordering Influenza Vaccine

Vaccine Order Form

  • First Order: only request anticipated vaccine doses needed for the first two weeks 
  • Subsequent Orders: place as needed, doses on hand must be recorded on the vaccine order form. Public Health is not responsible to follow-up with providers who place incomplete orders. Order forms with incomplete information including doses on hand will result in orders not being filled.

Vaccine Expected for Ordering week of October 4th (Anticipated Distribution week of October 12th)

  • FluLaval®, FluMist®, FluZone®
  • FluZone HD® (only for providers administering to individuals 65 years of age and older who live in long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities or First Nations communities)

Vaccine Expected for Ordering week of November 1st (Anticipated Distribution week of November 8th)

  • Afluria®

Health Unit Distribution Plan

  • Vaccine will be distributed in an equitable, timely and reasonable manner to all providers  
  • Public Health receives regular shipments of influenza vaccine from BCCDC between Oct-Dec. These shipments arrive with an initial shipment of approximately 50% of the overall allotment for all providers followed by smaller allotments in subsequent weeks. Community vaccine providers can expect their flu vaccine to be allocated and distributed in the same way.
  • If holding a large flu clinic, include the details on the vaccine order form including the clinic date and expected doses needed.
  • Influenza vaccine will be distributed based on available supply. If an ordered vaccine is no longer available, an equivalent product will be supplied.
  • If no vaccine product is available or a substitution is not acceptable, orders will not be back-filled. Submit another order for additional vaccine or a different available product.

Influenza Reporting and Recording Forms

Reporting Forms
Report of Publicly Funded Influenza Immunization: Children 6 months to 18 years  
Fax completed form to local health unit weekly

Report of Publicly Funded Influenza Immunization - Physicians and Other Vaccine Providers 
Fax completed form to local health unit by January 24, 2022

Recording Sheet
Influenza Recording Sheet: Adults (19 years and older)   
Recording Sheet for CVP use only. Do not send to local health unit

Influenza activity

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