Outbreaks and Exposures

This page contains information on public COVID-19 exposures and current outbreaks.

It is updated when the Island Health region experiences an outbreak or exposure.

For the current COVID-19 case counts, please go to: Information for General Public and the heading "Current Statistics".

COVID-19 Outbreaks

There are no COVID-19 outbreaks at Island Health facilities at this time, including long-term care facilities.

Active outbreaks of other infections or illnesses at Island Health facilities

Possible exposures

There are no reportable public exposure events to report at this time.

Island Health will provide updates on the locations and times of known possible exposures to COVID-19 to the public in our region when we have been unable to reach or identify all individuals potentially exposed via contact tracing.

If you have been in one of these locations at times of possible exposure, it does not mean you will develop COVID-19. The possible exposures listed on this site are believed to be low risk but, out of an abundance of caution, we ask that anyone who may have visited any of the locations listed on the specified dates and times to monitor themselves for symptoms.

There is no known risk to anyone who attended any listed locations outside of the specified dates and times. If people remain healthy and do not develop symptoms, there is no need to self-isolate and people can continue with their usual daily activities.

If you develop any symptoms of COVID-19, please seek testing and self-isolate – for more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions on our Information for the General Public page.

If you have been identified as a COVID-19 case or close contact, Island Health’s public health team will contact you directly and provide further instruction.

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