Information for Community Partners Supporting Underserved Populations during COVID-19

The following list of resources is to assist community partners, local government, and agencies working with underserved and vulnerable populations through COVID-19.

The Public Health Agency (PHAC) has released the following document: Vulnerable Populations and COVID-19

Find out information about community partners here.

Overdose response

COVID-19: Harm Reduction and Overdose Response BCCDC
Overdose in the Context of COVID-19 Outbreak: Droplet Precautions Toward the Heart
COVID-19: Information for Opioid Agonist Treatment Prescribers and Pharmacists BCCSU
COVID-19 Responding to Overdose in Community Island Health
COVID-19 Responding to Overdose in Community (Print version) Island Health

Support Resources

Vulnerably Housed

COVID-19 Joint Provincial Framework for Emergency Response Centres BCCDC
COVID-19 and Harm Reduction for People Who Use Substances BCCDC
Health Services Continuum for Underserved Populations Island Health
COVID-19 Underserved Populations Response Strategy Island Health
MHSU and Public Health Outreach Protocol Island Health
COVID-19 Health Checking and Triage Centres Response Procedure for Unsheltered Populations Island Health
Information for Homelessness Services Providers BC Housing
Guidance on Homelessness Populations PHAC
Recommendations for Drivers and Passengers Island Health

Checklists and Forms

COVID-19 Environmental Checklist - Encampments Island Health
COVID-19 Environmental Checklist - Shelters and Facilities for Temporary Housing Island Health
COVID-19 Safety Plan Template - Shelters Island Health
Cleaning/Disinfection after Person Suspected Confirmed COVID-19 Island Health

Vaccines and Vaccinations

Vaccination FAQ – Dr. Sandra Allison, Medical Health Officer Island Health
COVID-19 Vaccine Information BCCDC
BC’s COVID-19 Immunization Plan Province of BC
COVID-19 Vaccine Questions and Answers ImmunizeBC
Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

Health Canada

FNHA COVID Vaccine Safety FNHA
COVID-19 Vaccine Island Health

COVID-19 in Congregate Settings

COVID-19 Care in Congregate Settings Island Health

Donning and doffing PPE

**Please note: 

  • Gowns with tie at neck are reusable gowns only in Island Health facilities
  • Gowns that break away at the neck are disposable PPE

News & Events

Child getting immunized at an Island Health facility

Reducing barriers and increasing access supports families to get immunized

For physicians Aaron Childs and Sonja Mathes, vaccinating their three children is a matter of course. 

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Child and mother

Children under five years now eligible to register to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Beginning August 2, 2022, all people over the age of six months in B.C. can now receive protection against the COVID-19 virus, following Health Canada’s approval of the vaccine specifically formulated for children between the ages of six months and five years old.

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Picture of Olivia Gooch

Preventing long COVID in children a cause for vaccination

When 8 year old Olivia Gooch tested positive for COVID-19 in early January 2022, her parents expected the illness would be mild, as it often is in children. However, after 10 days Olivia’s condition still included a severe dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and a low-grade fever. 

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