Cultural Safety Training for Volunteers

Cultural Safety and COVID-19: A Webinar with Harley Eagle 

Overview: Please review the video above and the supplementary material attached to move forward along this Cultural Safety learning journey. Our hope is that this helps you play a key role in offering a positive welcome to Indigenous Peoples at all Island Health vaccination clinics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a basic understanding of colonialism’s impact on health care and health outcomes for Indigenous people in Canada
  • Learn how trauma from previous pandemics effects Indigenous communities and how health care settings can trigger negative reactions in Indigenous patients
  • Get tips on how to respectfully welcome and engage with Indigenous patients
  • Access resources for further developing an understanding of Indigenous culture and ways of knowing

About the Presenter:  Harley Eagle is Dakota and Anishinabe, and a member of Whitecap Dakota First Nation. He is an acclaimed international speaker and conflict management practitioner with experience in areas that include: social justice, dismantling systemic racism and trauma informed practice. Harley holds a Masters of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management.

Further Resources:
First Peoples' of B.C. (Interactive Map)
Residential Schools in Canada: A Timeline (Video, 5 mins) 
Divisions of Family Practice Cultural Safety Resources (Web site)


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