COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Community Vaccine Providers

Information on this page is intended for all Community Vaccine Providers (CVPs) including Long-Term Care Facilities (LTC), Community Health Services (CHS) and Indigenous Health Services.

For information about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and information on vaccine products and intended use, see Vaccination Clinical Guidance and the BCCDC Immunization Manual.

Ordering Vaccine

**Only providers that have been pre-approved by Public Health can order COVID-19 vaccine** 

At this time, community availability is limited to long-term care (LTC) Facilities, CHS, Indigenous Health Services and select CVPs. Check back in the future for more information.

  • Community Pharmacists: Order vaccine directly from BCCDC/Distributor
  • All Other Community Vaccine Providers including LTC, CHS and Indigenous Health Services: Complete the appropriate COVID-19 Vaccine Order Form (attached below) including all fields in vaccine provider section and e-mail completed form to:
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Order Form for CHS
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Order Form for CVPs (including LTC, AL and Indigenous Health Services)
    • See COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering and Pick-Up Process for LTC or CHS for additional ordering information 
    • Allow at least 5 working days (Monday to Friday) to fill your order. Vaccine will be distributed based on available products and supply.
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Cooler Packing Requirements
      • Pack cooler according to BCCDC standards
      • Cooler must be able to maintain temperature between +2°C to +8°C
      • Pack cooler tightly to minimize vial movement (e.g. crumpled up paper bags, packing paper, bubble wrap etc.
      • Secure cooler in vehicle during transport and keep away from heater
    • Bring hard-sided cooler with frozen ice packs, gel/water blankets when picking up vaccine. Temperature monitoring device (e.g. datalogger or min/max thermometer) should be used during transport. By exception, when a temperature monitoring device is unavailable, vaccine can be stored/transported without being monitored for a maximum of 1 hour as long as the COVID-19 cooler packing requirements listed above are met.
Vaccine Storage and Management

Vaccines are sensitive biological products that must be carefully managed in order to protect their potency and stability.

Documentation and Inventory

2. Supervisor or Delegate to complete account request form ImmsBC-Account-Request-Form-For-Affiliate-Staff.

3. Submit completed ImmsBC Account Request Form to

Education and Guidelines

Each vaccine provider must complete educational requirements specific to their designation prior to administering COVID-19 vaccine:




  • Safety Huddle – to be used by clinic lead to ensure safe practice during immunization clinics
  • Supply Ordering
    • Low dead-space (LDS) syringes and needles for the 2nd dose booster campaign will be ordered by Island Health and direct-delivered to your site from PHSA. The shipment from PHSA will contain extra supply to ensure sites have adequate supply on hand for future maintenance doses.  Please retain these supplies at your site for future use and ensure supplies are readily accessible once delivered.
    • Ensure your site has other required immunization supplies on-hand such as: anaphylaxis kits, alcohol swabs, band-aids, cleaning supplies, cotton balls, fainting supplies (cot or mat and juice boxes), garbage bags, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, pens, PPE for staff/masks for residents, sharps containers, coolers, ice and gel packs.
Questions and Consults
For questions regarding vaccine management or cold chain incidents refer to "Vaccine Storage & Management" section above.
For all other questions refer to the COVID-19 Resources for Vaccine Providers:
1) Review resource(s)
2) Consult with a colleague or supervisor
3) Follow appropriate consultation pathway (ie – phone or email)

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